About Alshefaco

Since its founding in Tripoli in 2003, Al-Shefa has become the leading supplier of pharmaceutical products in Libya, with 7 offices within the country. Our corporation is not only one of the biggest but also one of the most trusted in Libya.

The companies have been providing excellent service since 2003, supplying hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and drug stores.

Alshefaco Marketing Analysis

Libya has a population of 6.2 million people and GDP of around $73.6 bn (2013). It is estimated hard currency reserves are around $197 bn. The country operated 90 hospitals, 60 private clinics and more than 3000 pharmacies. In addition local shops and supermarkets carry many of the medical supplies.

In Libya there is competition to Al-Shefa and Al-Radwan Group, it is estimated that there are about 10 mostly individually family owned companies operating in this sector. The market is sufficiently large and growing to accommodate these supplies.

The pricing of medical supplies would measure hospitals is based on a tender. Once the contract is won, the price is fixed for the life time of the contract. With pharmacies and clinics prices are negotiated on a contract by contract bases and there is no tendering process.

Al-Shefa and Al-Radwan Group have been supplying pharmacies, hospitals and private clinics.

Alshefaco Vision

To be recognized as the preferred supplier in Libya. Customer satisfaction is our final goal. We globally supply our customers. We are oriented to supply excellent products and services We listen to our customers and develop a strong and cooperative relationship with them.

Alshefaco Mission

To maintain our position in the Top 10 Pharmaceutical companies in Libya. To be a well known and reputable company. Partner actively with our customers. To enrich our experience in the pharmaceutical field. To provide quality medical supplies and household products to the Libyan market.

Alshefaco Values

innovation is everywhere in technology in organizations outside our company. To be innovative we prepare the future, we solve problems and brings to customers new solutions

learning, share information & knowledge, give to everybody more opportunity to grow. What we have learnt years ago will become rapidly obsolete, new learning is vital for all of us

the attitudes to work together, sharing information and knowledge through the same objective. We are cooperative. Like football attitude.

colleagues, customers, suppliers, environment, rules and principles of working

accountability means we are responsible for what we do. Individually and collectively. Accountable for the time, the money, all resources spent and the results obtained

relationships is the link between people. Building constructive relationships between us and with our customers is the basis of our success. Good relationships contribute to good climate to work together.

We inspire trust by saying what we mean and matching our behaviors to our words.

We ensure that quality is at the heart of everything we do.